Building Structures

  • ● The building used to be a metalworking workshop, whose floor area is 5,605 m2 (60,330+square feet). It uses cast-in-place reinforced concrete framework. The roof is steel keel frame fixed two-sided galvanized steel sheets, with insulation fire-resistant rock wool filled in.
  • ● The 1stfloor, the 2nd floor and the roof’s load-bearing are 14KN/m2.
  • ● The height of the 1st and 2nd floor is 4.8m (15.75 ft.), and the net height below the beam is 3.9m (12.8 ft.).
  • ● The distance between the columns in the building is 12m (39.4 ft.).
  • ● Freight elevators with load-bearing of 2 tons are installed in the building.
  • ● The building’s seismic fortification intensity is 8 degrees, and the fire resistance rating meets Chinese national Level 1 standard.
  • ● Independent high pressure chamber, pressure chamber, transformer room and other basic facilities;
  • ● Bathroom, refresh room, meeting room, working desk, dinner and warehouse are all equipped.
  • ● There are 9 cabinet modular room with 1189 available racks. 3 on the 1st floor (138+149+52), 6 on the 2nd floor (149+149+138+138+138+138). Standalone fire transmission room is setup on the 1st floor.


  • ● ize of the cabinet: H*W*D=2200*600*1100mm (86.6*23.6*43.3 inches). The front of the cabinet is closed with the bottom opened as cooling air flow aisle. Blind plate will be used at where is no server.
  • ● Each cabinet has 2 LED-displayed power quantity PDU. Each PDU has 15 outlets; 13*10A + 2*16A.

Cabling System

  • ● Two-level cable tray is used in server room, with the upper level as high voltage cables, lower level low voltage cable as well.
  • ● Cable tray’s width is 600 mm (23.6 inches), and the thickest place’s thickness is 30 mm (1.2 inches).
  • ● Lower tray’s distance to the rack is 200 mm (7.9 inches), and the distance between two levels is 300 mm (11.8 inches).
  • ● Upper tray’s height is 3.225m (10.58 feet).
  • ● Fiber slot will be installed above lower tray.

Low Voltage System

  • ● Environmental Monitoring System
        Real time comprehensive environmental monitoring system are applied to infrastructures such as: server room temperature, humidity, water leakage, power load, power supply and distribution system, CRAC, UPS and fire control system, etc.
  • ● CCTV
        CCTV cameras are placed outside the Data Center door and inside the Data Center at key locationson 24*7*365 monitoring. Video record will be kept for 3 months.
  • ● Access Control System
        Secure and auditable access logs are provided, covering all the entries in server room area, office area, staging area and warehouses. The logs will be kept for 12 months.
  • ● Fire Control System
        Gaseous fire suppression systems are used in server room area, power distribution room and battery room. Sprinkler system are used in the office area. The maximum fire compartmentation area is 126 m2(1356 square feet), and the maximum gas suppression compartmentationvolume is 397.53 m3(14038 cubit feet).

Power System

  • ● Multiple Utility Feeds
        Multiple utility feeds are introduced that are from separate power grids as dual routes 10KV/6500KVA main power supply. The system is built standalone in the area that is not included in the server rooms. Only high voltage input rooms are setup in the server rooms.
  • ● Diesels Generators
        The diesels configuration is in “N” mode, which means using 3 * 2000KW outdoors installed diesel generator array (3 in main mode none in slave mode). The diesel’s output is 0.4KV, and the parallel system and the power conversion are running on the low voltage switchgear cabinet. The tanks accompanied with diesel support 8 hours full-load usage.
  • ● UPS
        Every UPS room supports 2 IT server rooms, combined with 126 cabinets (13A). Using “3N” mode configuration, each UPS room has one set of 3*250KVA/480V UPS high frequency machine and 3 outgoing cubicles.
        The brand of UPS is Delta.
  • ● Battery Room
        12 V/200AH valve regulated lead acid batteries (VRLA battery) are used in each floor’s battery room.
        Each group of batteries has 3 levels of battery, 120 pieces in total. Each level has 40 pieces of batteries in parallel connection, and the 3 levels are in series connection; thus comprise 480V/600AH batteries group.
        There are 12 groups of batteries that provide power for the loads. Each group equals one 250KVA/480V UPS. If malfunction happens with the main power supply and diesels has not started yet, the group batteries can provide 20 minutes’ power.
        A total of 12 sets of batteries for IT are provided. Each group of batteries corresponds to 1 units of UPS 250KVA/480V system, the power failure in the city, but the oil machine has not yet started to provide 20min for IT load.
        There are 13 groups of 480V/600AH battery in total in the battery room.

Cooling System

  • Standalone Cooling Facilities using air cooled air conditioner: