Power Distribution System

  • ● Configured with dual circuit feeding, power generator, power distribution, UPS, output power, array cabinet power management system and rack PDU, the intelligent power control system guarantees 100% power supply to the racks.
  • ● At least N+1 redundancy UPS system, Diesel generators to provide hours of additional runtime.


  • ● Double Conversion On-Line UPS isolates the grid pollution and dysfunction generated by AC and diesels from the loads.
  • ● DSP-based fully digital control guarantees higher stability.
  • ● Level D lightning surge suppressor.
  • ● Several input harmonic distortions increase the efficiency.
  • ● Standard cabling layout.


  • ● 7 Kohler 10KV Diesel Generators
  • ● 1600 kW full power output with single generator. 11200 kW full power output with the whole system.
  • ● Support 48 hours’ continuous output for the whole datacenter with the day-to-day diesel reserves.
  • ● Refill can be done in 4 hours.

Fire Extinguisher System

  • FireControl System and Extinguishment
  • ● The specification of the fire-proof walls meets the requirements of national codes.
  • ● Total flooding extinguishing system.
  • ● 3 ways of initiation: automatic, manual and emergency mechanical operation.
  • ● 3 independent fire control system:
  •     -Highly sensitive VESDA system
        -Smoke sensing and temperature sensing independent detection circuits.
        -FM200 Gas Fire Extinguishing System between modules.
        -Fire hydrant boxes and fire extinguisher in auxiliary area.

  • FireAlerting System
  • ● VESDA are installed in the battery rooms and server rooms below the raised floor.
  • ● Fire alerting systems, including smoke sensing and temperature sensing, are installed in the server rooms, low voltage distribution rooms and equipment rooms.
  • ● Electric fire monitor and alarm systems are setup in the datacenter, detecting the running status of the power distribution units in real-time using leakage detection devices.
  • ● Gas detectors are installed in the battery rooms, cooling stations and cylinder rooms.
  • ● When fire occurs, general broadcasting systems will be switched to emergency mode and used as fire alerting system to broadcast evacuation messages.

Security System

  • ● CCTV
        Cameras are installed in data center’scritical area, such as: server room, power room and outdoor infrastructures, with 24*7*365 monitoring. And the video recordsare kept for 3 months
  • ● Access Control System
        Security guards and access control system are setup in the server room area. Non-contact card reader, electronic lock anddoor release button are installed at the critical entries, to manage and control the personnel accessing the server room area. Access control system log will be kept for one year.

  • Double Lock Security System
  • 3 level traceability management
  • ● anti-tracking
  • ● anti-intrusion
  • ● anti-unauthorization

Air Condition System

Full Range Center Monitoring and Security Control

  • Monitoring center provides 24 x 7 x 365 non-stop center monitoring services:
  • ● Multi-level authentication and access control system
  • ● Cameras are spread in non-blind-spot way in and around the datacenter.
  • ● Main power supply, UPS, power output and loads monitoring.
  • ● Temperature and humidity monitoring in server rooms.
  • ● Fire control system and leak detection system.