Core Advantages

  • ● The high end data center is at the highest level of China Telecom’s data center standard: 5 Star, which is equivalent of Tier 4 of International.
  • ● National defense level of security mechanism guarantees client’s devices and information’s integrity.
  • ● Outstanding, reliable and extendable network infrastructure allows multi-operator access.
  • ● Redundant and scalable architecture ensure the business continuity.
  • ● 7 x 24 intensive on-site maintenance services ensure the high availability of the infrastructures.
  • ● Project and operation management and procedures are based on international standards to provide services for our customer.

Building Structure

  • Shanghai North Bund Data Center Building uses reinforced concrete structure, which can resist magnitude 8 earthquake. The building has 8 floors, from 1 to 3 of which is SpeedyCloud Honggang Data Center located. Each floor’s height is 6 meters, and the load-bearing capacity is up to 2650lbs. Each floor covers over 1,900 m2(12,900+ square foots), and the whole area is over 5700 m2(61,300+ square foots). The data center can accommodate 1000 cabinets with standalone exclusive elevators to the server room, which ensures irrelevant personnel won’t accidentally access to the data center.

Key parameters of the infrastructure


  • Dual or triple utility feeds are used as main power supply to ensure constant system uptime. Multiple UPS combined with diesels generators comprises backup power supplies. All power systems, including backup systems, are full-redundant to avoid Single Point of Failure. Critical servers are connected to 2 powers cables to implement N+1 redundancy system reliability. Static switch will be used sometimes to switch from one feed to another when malfunction occurs. Server rooms currently use 2 routes 3000KV as input power, and 3 routes 6000KV exclusive feeds will be upgraded in the future. All UPS and diesels are imported international brands.

Cooling System

Downward flow systems are located at the bottom of the cabinets, which are equipped with flow control that can be adjusted based on customers’ equipment configuration requirement. Cabinets are arranged back to back to separate the cold and hot air flow channel to improve the cooling efficiency.

Fire Protection Systems

  • ● Facility Fire Resistant Design
    Walls and floors are built using fire-resistant materials; all cables as well. The distances between cables meets international criterions.
  • ● Real-time Monitoring
    Fire detector uses 3 levels design that are 24 hours monitored by NOC.
  • ● Fire Alarm
    Imported FM200 gaseous fire suppression system and VESDA are installed.
  • ● Fire Extinguishing System
    Smoke detectors are employed. Gaseous fire suppression system uses environmental safe gases.

Physical Security System

  • ● External Approaches
    Security personnel and front desk double audit.
  • ● Internal Approaches
    Access logging and gate authentication; entrance guard IC card authentication with fingerprint; infrared detection.
  • ● Monitoring and Logging
    -Professional securities on site 24 hours.
    -And all passages and server rooms are equipped with CCTV on 24*7*365 monitoring. Video record will be kept for 3 months.

Network Resources

  • ● Service Capabilities
    -Affluent network and fiber resources, including Chinese major operators such as China Telecom and China Unicom.
    -High speed Internet access and VPN.
    -Key partner of major operators.
  • ● Internet Capabilities 
    Being one of the core backbone nodes of Chinanet, China Telecom, Shanghai is also one of the three biggest Internet outbound port in China. The data center’s uplink reaches 20G and can upscale by the request of customer.
  • ● Primary DDN services
    Our data center provides comprehensive primary communication services to our customers, such as: naked fiber, MSTP, ATM/FR, MPLS VPN, Ethernet, SDN and DDN, etc.
  • ● Multiple Operator Access
    Data center with multi carrier access capability

Carefree IT Systematic Operation Services

  • ● Server monitoring and management
  • ● Network monitoring and management
  • ● Backup planning, monitoring and recovering
  • ● Security consulting and service implementation
  • ● Storage monitoring and management
  • ● Database system monitoring and management
  • ● Disaster recovery consulting and implementation
  • ● Application support

Customer Benefits

  • ● Decrease TCO and increase ROI.
  • ● 7 * 24 professional services support to ensure system running normally and increase system efficiency.
  • ● Specialized management tools based on ITIL to improve services experiences and better services process.
  • ● More transparent and controllable management for your IT portfolios.